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Jun 6, 2006
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This preliminary list will be alphabetical, not in order of any preference, although this is my personal vendor bookmark list. These are the folks I contact first when looking for a certain plant. There are many others, please feel free to add your favourites to the list. Members from other countries should feel free to add their vendor listings also. Now get thee shopping! :evil:

Al's Orchid Greenhouse, Leesburg, VA
Al Pickrel

Bloomfield Orchids, Pittsford, NY
Joe Kunisch

Flasks by Chuck Acker, Waunakee, WI
Chuck Acker

Krull-Smith, Apopka, FL
Frank Smith and Jim Krull

Orchidaceae, Walla Walla, WA
Joan and Mark Bateman

Orchid Inn, Bloomington, IL
Sam Tsui

Orchids, Ltd., Plymouth, MN
Jerry and Jason Fischer

Parkside Nursery, Ottsville, PA
John Salventi and Tom Puviance

Piping Rock Orchids, Galway, NY
Glen Decker

Ratcliffe Orchids, Kissimmee, FL
Paul and Mary Phillips

Windy Hill Gardens, Labadie, MO
Marilyn LeDoux
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I would like to add andy's orchids at They have paphs, some phrags, but specialize in bulbos. They are extremely nice and I have been happy with plants I've received from them.
Jai's selection is very limited but she does have a few paphs. I ordered my Phal Javanica from her/him (can't tell from your name Jai forgive me, if you here or if someones ordered from there before please clarify. Thanks). I have two more lined up as soon as they're good to ship out. She has some very difficult to find phal species, mainly violacea. Marcus, you might want to scope out the site as i recall you had a slew of phal violaceas.

My Phals - Jai Morris

Here's Matt's link

They don't have anything listed on their website. You'd have to call them or E-mail them. I correspond with Anne Conrad. She's a sweetheart.

Peach state orchids - Anne Conrad
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Re Shopping in OZ

ezi-gro - i went there last week - if anyone one here wants paph or phrags
I think you need to ring - web site is out dated - but the nursery has a brilliant range of great size plant - new home made phrags I hadn't been there for at least 12 mths -and wow got nice size stonei 5" $35.00
a Don wimber x Andean fire --sort of lost prices cause in the end it was $$ ?? you know how it goes :drool: Billie