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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
I just ran across this:

Orchid Exhibitor-Vendors

A2W Works Kaohsiung County, Taiwan
Amazonia Orchids Homestead, Florida, USA
Andy’s Orchids Encinitas, California, USA
Canaima Orchids Palmetto, Florida, USA
Carib Plants, Inc. Homestead, Florida, USA
Carmela Orchids Hakalau, Hawaii, USA
Carter and Holmes Orchids Newberry, South Carolina, USA
Chanthorn Orchids Nonthaburi, Thailand
Ching Hua Orchids Hsinying City, Taiwan
E.F.G. Orchids Deland, Florida, USA
Eco Orquideas Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ecuagenera Cuenca, Ecuador
Exotic Orchids of Maui Haiku, Hawaii, USA
Floralia Orquideas Niteroi, Brazil
Gold Country Orchids Lincoln, California, USA
Greenhouse Orchids Hollywood, Florida, USA
H&R Nurseries Waimanalo, Hawaii, USA
Haiku Maui Orchids / Orchids “R” Us Haiku, Hawaii, USA
Hawaiian Island Orchids, Inc Waimanalo, Hawaii, USA
Hawaiian Orchid Source Kapa’a, Kaua’I, Hawaii, USA
Hawaii Pacific Orchids Waianae, Hawaii, USA
Hoosier Orchid Company Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
In Charm Orchid Nursery Taichung, Taiwan
Indian River Orchids Vero Beach, Florida, USA
Joseph Wu Orchids Taipei, Taiwan
Jumbo Orchids Tainan Hsien, Taiwan
Kawamoto Orchid Nursery Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Kendolie Agri-Tech Co. Tainan County, Taiwan
Krull-Smith Apopka, Florida, USA
Mac’s Orchids Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Marriott Orchids Kernersville, North Carolina, USA
New Vision Orchids Yorktown, Indiana, USA
Norman's Orchids Montclair, California, USA
NT Orchid Nursery Ipoh, Malaysia
Odom’s Orchids Ft. Pierce, Florida, USA
Ooi Leng Sun Orchids Nursery & Lab Penang, Malaysia
Orchid Inn, Ltd Bloomington, Illinois, USA
Orchideen Duerbusch Rheda-Wiedenbrueck, Germany
Orchis Floriculturing, Inc Tainan Hsien, Taiwan
Orquideas de Latinoamerica Sao Paulo, Brazil
Orquideas del Valle Cali, Colombia
Orquideas Rio Verde Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Palm Bay’s Secret Garden Palm Bay, Florida, USA
PCK Orchids and Exotic Plants Coral Gables, Florida, USA
Peruflora Lima, Peru
Piping Rock Orchids Galway, New York, USA
Plantio la Orquidea Sarasota, Florida, USA
Purificacion Orchids Quezon City, Philippines
Quest Orchids Miami, Florida, USA
R.F. Orchids, Inc. Homestead, Florida, USA
Ruben in Orchids Goulds, Florida, USA
Sedona Orchids Homestead, Florida, USA
Seed Engai Shizuoka, Japan
Soroa Orchids Homestead, Florida, USA
Sun Moon Orchids Tainan, Taiwan
Taida Horticultural Co, Ltd Chang Hwa, Taiwan
Taiwan Floriculture Exports Association Taipei, Taiwan
Vivero Nuevo Destino Miami, Florida, USA
Water Orchids Nursery Tainan, Taiwan
Wenzel Orchids Rio Claro, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Woodland Orchids Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Good at least the orquidário Ecoorquideas of Brazil always has excellent plants here
I will have no idea where to start. I absolutely must figure it out!
I will be there. Maybe we should start a thread and get a list of who all are going and maybe all try to meet somewhere.

OK you 2 get a motel room! I am thinking about going but I could only go for the last 2-3 days. Does anyone think all the good stuff will be gone by then? :(
Hmmm, fly down Monday night, hang out w/ vendors in bars all night, stagger into preview and get plants. Sounds like a plan. EOrchids and Marco, let's go! :drool:
I pretty much feel like crying looking at this--not like dead pet or relative crying, but it's a major bummer. My husband has to select his vacations way in advance, and the initial booking for this event was one of them, unsure still whether we'd be able to make it or not. Then they changed it--for good reason I understand, but it still had to have messed up at least some people's plans. My art may still be going, but I will not. If I went alone he'd sit around moping for the weekend. I hope everyone has fun though--how could you not with the vendors and itinerary?!
I would love to be there, but with 2 kids in school that time of year...it would be perfect if it were during the summer or a school break then we'd be able to plan a family trip. But, alas, I can live vicariously through all of you who go. I demand plenty of photos to appease my jealousy.

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