My review of the 19th WOC vendors

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Sep 14, 2006
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I was looking at the vendor and exhibitor list and I see why it was so hectic. I bought plants from 13 vendors, which took time to: go through pre-orders, refer to lists, check stocks, sort through plants, make comparisons for the best plants, etc. all among other customers, plus we had lunch, plus went through some of the exhibits and art galleries. Since I missed my 6:10 AM flight down to Miami [WHAT was I thinking!??!], I got there around 1:00PM and left to catch my flight back when they closed up at 6:00PM. Yikes! Time management at it's fullest! Besides slippers I got a bunch of Pleuros, some jewel orchids, a small Isabelia virginalis, and a lockhardtia. I'll try to get more photos to post tonight.

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