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New list of available plants; January, 2015

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John M

Orchid Addict
Jun 7, 2006
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Hamilton, Ontario - Canada
Happy New Year, Everybody!

Thank you for the great response to the previous list. I am very grateful for every order!

Here is a new list of available plants with a few special additions.

If you want to receive the version of this list with photographs, please e-mail your request to:
[email protected]

In many cases, quantities are limited to just 1 plant. So, try to get your order in quickly. Just let me know what you want and I'll confirm availability and send you an invoice. Once you confirm your acceptance of the invoice, we can arrange payment and delivery. I will deal with enquiries in the order that they come in.

Plants remain for sale until paid for. They will not be held for long if not paid for.

Please feel free and welcome to ask questions about any of the plants I have offered here. If you decide to make a purchase, just tell me what you want and I will send you an invoice as an e-mail attachment. Then, to close the deal and secure the plant for yourself, please make the payment a.s.a.p. to avod being disappointed.

Safe winter delivery is guaranteed with FedEx "hold for pickup" service. Insulated, styrofoam boxes with a hot water "heat sink" are provided at N/C.

If you prefer to not ship via courier (which is pricey), paid orders can be held (@ no extra cost to you), until warmer weather arrives and the less expensive Canada Post XpressPost 2nd Day Delivery Service is a suitable option.

Sorry; shipping within Canada only.

Paid orders can be held and then delivered to you at a SOOS meeting in Toronto, or a LOS meeting in London.

Sometimes, orders can hitch a ride with someone that you know, who will be passing through my area.

Or, you can also pick up your order here at the greenhouse, by appointment only.

Thank you very much for looking at my list. Please forward it to any friends that you think may like to receive it.

If you'd like to be on my mailing list, please provide me with your e-mail address and I'll add you on.

Thanks very much, everyone!

Very Best Regards,


New Releases!

Cattleya percivalliana 'Summit' FCC/AOS - A MUST for any serious collector of quality Cattleyas, especially species! - BS division of original awarded plant.....NOT a meristem! - 5 growths, 4 with leaves - in bloom now - 6" clay pot - Only one available - $95

Paph. hangianum - 26.5 cm leaf span. In bloom now!!! Flower has 14.5 cm natural spread - lovely fragrance - only one avialable! - I have the PERFECT insulated styrofoam shipping box for this plant to ensure that the plant and flower arrives in perfect condition - $300.00

Paph. Michael Koopowitz 'OrchidsCanada' - BS: multi-growth, chunky plant - 7 growths - (2 mature, bloomed growths - 3 BS, unbloomed growths - 2 new unbloomed growths). This choice clone has top-notch, beautiful, richly-coloured flowers with awesome, WIDE petals at the "shoulder"! - Award Quality! - $500.

Paph. Johanna Burkhart 'Charlie' - BS: multi-growth - 4 growths - (1 bloomed growth, 2 NBS to BS unbloomed growths and 1 small unbloomed growth) - This is a special clone with excellent, award-quality flowers bearing nice, wide dorsal sepals and equally impressive, wide synsepals - $300.


Arundina graminifolia v. semi alba - BS - 5" pot - $30

Cattleya dormaniana - young BS - 3 leads, 2 in sheath - $65

Cattleya gaskelliana 'Carlisle' - exceptional quality clone in terms of colour and form! - single lead bulb division from stud plant, with lots of beautiful roots - next growth will mature at about half height and not likely bloom - the one after that will likely reach full height and produce a sheath to bloom - $80

Cattleya gaskelliana v. coerulea 'Blue Dragon' - a spectacularly beautiful and rare clone! - single lead bulb division from stud plant, with lots of beautiful roots - next growth will mature at about half height and not likely bloom - the one after that will likely reach full height and produce a sheath to bloom - $80

Cattleya intermedia v. Orlata 'Rock Candy' x self - 3" strong seedlings - $20

Cattleya intermedia v. Amethystina 4N 'Hawaii' - single lead bulb division with lots of roots from this exceptional stud plant - $80

Cattleya Korat Spots 'Green Spot' - looks like aclandiae on steroids - Fragrant - BS - potted, or mounted - $45

Cattleya Lawre-mossiae v. coerulea - AWESOME blue! - NBS to BS - $30 to $45

Cattleya (loddigessii v. coerulea X schilleriana v. coerulea) - awesome blue - fragrant - BS - $45

Cattleya loddigesii 'Perfect' x jenmanii v. semi-alba 'Charlie'
- 3" strong seedlings - $20

Cattleya mendelii - BS, 2 growth, lead division from
select stud plant - $60

Cattleya skinneri 'Casa Luna' AM/AOS - BS - 2 mature growth divisions with 1 new lead - in sheath - The BEST skinneri - $80

Cattleya walkeriana v. coerulea 'Cho-Jo' x self - Fragrant - strong seedling - $25

Coelogyne cristata - BS - In spike now - $30

Coelogyne mooreana 'Brockhurst' AM/AOS, FCC/RHS - BS - $45

Coelogyne Unchained Melody - BS divisions - $30

Cypripedium parviflorum v. pubescens - BS single eye division in a 4 1/2" pot - $45

Dendrobium spectabile - BS, 2 or 3 growth, custom-made divisions from this incredible, free-blooming, select, stud plant - $80

Laelia lobata v. alba 'Carlisle's Best' - Strong, single lead bulb division from my best stud plant - with a new growth - established - $50.

Laelia lobata v. alba 'Carlisle's Best' x self - 6" strong seedling - $25

Laelia lobata v. tipo - Strong, single lead bulb division with a new growth starting, from this deeply coloured, select, stud plant - $50

Laelia purpurata - BS - Single, lead bulb divisions with good roots
- $40 each.

Lc. Mildred Rives 'Orchidglade' FCC/AOS x Cattleya intermedia v. Orlata 'Rock Candy' - strong seedlings - $20

Masdevallia Angel Heart - BS - in 3" clay pot - $25

Masdevallia barleana 'Harold' HCC/AOS - BS division - $25

Masdevallia Southern Sun - BS - with multiple new spikes - $35

Masdevallia Winged Leopard - BS - LARGE, bumpy-textured, honey/mahogany coloured flowers - $25

Masdevallia veitchiana - BS - $25

Miltonia morelliana 'Royalty' AM/AOS - single lead bulb divisions with a start, just beginning to grow new roots now - $15each

Paph. Armeni-white 'Charlie' - Top quality flowers - BS - $50

Paph. delenatii v. album - 3" leafspan strong seedlings - $25

Paph. Delrosi 'Murray' - This EASY to grow and bloom clone has excellent quality flowers too ! - BS - 2 growths - $75, 3 growths - $95

Paph. stonei - BS - 2 mature growths - 1 bloomed and 1 not - $95

Papilionanthe teres - BS top cuttings with good roots - $30

Phal. philippinensis 'Sylvester' - BS in spike now - $45

Phrag. besseae - orange/red - BS - $45

Phrag. besseae fma. flavum 'Charlie' - NBS - seedling sized back growth propagation division - strong yellow - 5" leaf span - $65

Phrag. besseae 'Carlisle' - BS division from this "best of the best" besseaes - 3 growths including 2 leads - $900

Phrag. Cardinale 'Kilworth' AM/AOS - One growth in bloom now; plus 2 more NBS, unbloomed growths - Easy, vigorous grower and reliable bloomer - $75.

Phrag. schlimii 'Afton' - Select quality - single growth, NBS division - $45

Phrag. schlimii 'Baby' - Select quality - dark colour - BS, 2 growth division - $65

Phrag. Sunset Magic - BS - beautiful red - $40

Potinara Marion Smith 'Crystelle' AM/AOS - NBS to BS - golden yellow clone - Krull-Smith breeding - $35

Promenea xanthina 'Sheila' - small BS - division - Select quality - $25

Promenea species - random, BS divisions from unlabelled Promenea species - identity available in most cases once they bloom - $20

Sobralia (macrantha?) 'Charlie' - This was purchased from an AOS judge in the early 90's as Sobralia macrantha; but, I have my doubts. However, whatever the name, it's a very vigorous grower/bloomer that readily produces a succession of medium sized, gorgeous, very Cattleya-like, mauve/pink flowers that last 3 or 4 days each. I'm offering fresh-made BS divisions, potted into 6" pots - $45

Sophronitis cernua - BS choice clone - multi growth, including 4 leads - established on a cedar mount - $65

Stanhopea nigroviolacea 'Shoeshine Boy' - Crazy awesome big and dark! - BS - 5 growths (3 mature bulbs plus 2 new leads) - $75

Stanhopea wardii - dark yellow - small BS division - $25

Vanda Sansai Blue - BS - 6" clay pot - $60.

Vanda (Lumpini Red x coerulea v. pink) - BS, inverted hanging - $50

Non Orchids
Dragon Fruit plants - climbing Cactus - Huge flowers followed by tasty fruit - Chunky seedlings in 4" pots - $10 each

Impatiens niamniamensis (aka: Parrot Flower) - BS rooted cuttings
- $5 to $15 each

Sinningia cardinalis - small BS - $15 each

Bird's Nest Fern - beautiful fern with wide, wavy-edged leaves - $5 to $10. Some larger.

John Marcotte
Marcotte Enterprises
1592 Centre Rd., RR#2
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2Z7
Open by appointment ONLY.
No "drop-in" visitors; no exceptions.

Phone: 905-689-4420
Fax. 905-689-0637
Long distance calls will be returned via e-mail.

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[email protected]

Wholesale grower of florist quality Vandas.
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