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Shipping to Europe?

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Hi all,

Does anyone ship to Europe? Is there a US (or European) site that ships throughout Europe at a resonable price? Flower shop keepers sell paphs too expensive here... :( Here in Thessaloniki I can only find mostly Phals, Cymbidiums and rarely Odontoglosums and stuff or even a Dendrobium!!! Paphs are really rare!!!

Any help is appreciated... :)

Thank you in advance... Thanasis ... :)
There are US orchid growers that ship to Europe. Go to www.OrchidMall.com and you'll have to peruse through the vendor sites. It would be listed in their terms and conditions or shipping info. They will have to get documentation and certificates, so the prices of importing may be more expensive than buying orchids locally. You'll need to do research on your end, google importing requirements for Greece to see what's involved. Importing plants from other countries isn't the easiest thing to do.

I would recommend you connect with some local orchid growers and an orchid society near you. This may open some doors for you. Good luck.
Hi all and thank you for the info,

Ayreon, I wish I new German...(but in general I can figure out what they say)Thank you for the info though...
Candace I wish I could do that, but there no orchid growers here, just importers and only other European countries have orchid societies... Your suggestion is great nevertheless... thank you...

I found that www.orchideenshop.de has pretty fine costs but I can understand pretty nothing... HAHAHAha... and the English sites I have visited are a little expensive for my gadget... :)

I have tried www.ecuagenera.com, but shipping and phytosanitary costs are extremely high... :)
The only ones I have found ok are Lotte and Thomas (only seedlings though) and Orchidee Nature(from which I plan to buy Paph. pinocchio and Paph. pinocchio cocnolor)

That's all for now ...
All German sellers I have been in contact with have handled English pretty well. So give it a try if you find something you like.
US => Europe

is very tricky and full of bureaucratic traps (virtually impossible ==> France, relatively easier ==> UK & Germany). I know Sam Tsui (Orchid Inn--highly recommended) brings plants when he comes to the UK (at least once a year--he then forwards his plants to France or the EC without any hitch). You can ask him. He packs the plants to perfection and they arrive in France within 2 days (he usually visits in November & June, November wd be perfect to send plants to Thessaloniki, June may be too hot).

Perhaps you could also try to order from Germany (many German growers import plants from Taiwan which are among the very best at the moment). If you PM me I can send you the addresses of some reliable growers/importers. Since Greece is a member of the EC, there is no problem whatsoever--no phyto, no CITES, no import permit.

I strongly advise against importing plants on your own from a country which does not belong to the EC--I tried and it is a nightmare. Not only because of the red tape involved (CITES & phytosanitary certificates, import permits in n-plicates, etc.) but also because the bureaucrats will consider you as their personal enemy since it gives them WORK to do.

Thessaloniki is a superb city and we fondly remember Olympias where we used to spend the summer many tears ago before the tourists discovered the place.
Happy growing
Most German vendors know very good english. Roellke has good prices and his english is good. Kopf has a good selection but I don't know about there english communication. Wossner also has great plants and more phrags then most german vendors I saw. Franzs' english is good.

As for Ecuagenera. They can ship plants from shows when they are in Europe, which is a few times a year. I believe there is a show in Belgium in a couple of weeks that they can ship from and one in Switzerland in September, don think they can ship from that one. When they ship from a show, you don't have to pay very much for the phyto and documents.

"""For Paphs and some EYOF phrags I'd go w/ Rattecliffe in UK."""

Eric, since I am new to the forum I cannot understand those abreviations you say... Could you please be more explanatory... Sorry.... :)
EYOF=Eric Young Orchid Foundation, i.e one of the premium phrag hybridizers in the World who unfortunately don't release plants to retail often. UK=United Kingdom, i.e. England mostly now!

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