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Oct 9, 2020
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I'm Teri, and I currently reside in Washington state. I am an undergrad student on the fast track to Ph.D. in medical anthropology; however, my next degree will be a minor in ethnobotany. I started collecting orchids just 5 years ago, so I am relatively new in the hobby. Surprisingly and fortunately, I've only ever killed a phal and an oncidium seedling; no other orchid casualties yet! I have partially converted my study into an orchid conservatory with a subtropical climate, and I add to my collection as often as I can find something incredible on sale (which isn't as often as any of us would like).
Since I live in Washington, and the number of species that could survive here are far and few between, I am sad to say I do not yet have a greenhouse setup or orchid garden. Still talking the fiance into moving somewhere warmer!

But enough about me; my primary interests are paphiopedilum, cymbidium, oncidium and anything entirely off-the-wall strange. I also run an online curated topical and exotic plant shop, but I won't be sharing that here. However, I will say that my carnivorous plant collection is probably more expansive than my orchid collection!

Does anyone have a favorite paph that I might be missing out on? Nice to meet you all!
Hi Teri,
wellcome to Slippertalk from Austria!
I hope you will show us your green study...
Medical anthropology is rather interesting, what is the title of your PhD?
Welcome Terry, sounds like you are doing very well growing orchids in your home.
Thank you everyone for welcoming me! I hope to get some pictures up soon!
Welcome from a neighbor on Whidbey Island. Have you joined a local orchid society yet?
Hello, and thank you!
I have not! I'm not a part of any social media (this is as close as I get) so I don't really see a lot of local orchid happenings around here. I also live in an area that's on the lower end of the population scale, so not many people around me share the same hobby.

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