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Tropic Napo

Apr 16, 2024
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Colorado, USA
Hello everyone, I only recently discovered this forum and I've already learned so much. I live in Colorado, where, as many of you know, the climate is not so friendly to tropical and subtropical plants. I'm facing some challenges growing my collection indoors, but so far I've managed. I have mostly aroids -- anthuriums, philodendrons, monsteras, etc. Although lately orchids picked up my interest. Brassias in particular. I have three so far (Brs. Kenneth Biven, Brs. Shooting Star, and Brs. Datacosa 'Coos Bay') and one of them is blooming right now - Brs. Keneth Biven. It's really beautiful and the scent is quite pleasant. I also have Vanda Pachara Delight and Renanthera Bella which is also in spike. I'd like to try to grow more Brassias, but some of them are hard to find. I hope I can connect with some other orchid growers here who enjoy growing Brassias and from whom I can learn. Thank you.
Welcome! I used to live and grow orchids in Colorado.

The dry air makes it challenging to grow orchids but can be addressed with a humidifier and grow tent.

All the best!