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Oct 7, 2023
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Woodland Park, CO
Hello. I have been growing orchids for many years and I still have a lot to learn. I am a physician and had orchids in my private practice for a decade. The patients loved them. The time has come for me to re start my private practice so I am building up my orchids again. It is such a loss that Hadley Cash passed away. How is Sam Tsui of orchid inn doing? Fox Valley closed too. Talking to Tom Kalina was always a treat. I do appreciate all of you. Thank you for being so open to sharing your knowledge.
Well Orchid Inn closed as well. Sam Tsui is retired and doing fine as far as I know.
As far as orchids go, welcome on board to the site. I have been growing since 1974 and I still learn things all the time! No matter how much that you think you know, you don't. 👍
Welcome! I’m in Oklahoma!

I’m considering moving to Colorado in a couple of years.. how do you find the conditions for growing orchids in CO? What orchids do you grow?

looks like you are a ways away from fantasy orchids (Louisville)... good people if you feel like a drive... (i have to drive an hour to find any sizable vendor)

also you have lenguyengarden as a local breeder /vender.. ThienGo

and Ken Wilson may still be doing something in Boulder

not sure if they know about other players in the denver area but there is a society that meets...

good luck with your re-upped obsession :)