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Jun 9, 2006
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North central Minnesota
Buy 4 or more plants from our website ( ), including those mentioned below and receive free shipping for your order. Offer is good through August.

Plants in bud:

Paph Fairy Bird (fowliei x fairrieanum) $20- One was awarded at the Great Lakes Judging Center this past winter.

Paph Wossner Zwerg (barbigerum x helenae) $20 - Made using a legal helenae acquired from Antec. I believe it was a selfing of a rescue plant at the US Botanical Garden. They grow quickly into a many growth plant and can bloom on multiple spikes at the same time.

New offerings:

Paph Tyke (barbigerum 'G' x henryanum 'Gem') - $25 (Limited) A remake, the first just bloomed and is picture below.

Paph (niveum 'PbR' x Via Vulcan Verde 'Petticoat' S/CSA) - $25 - Both parents have attractive ruffling of the petals. Looking for medium sized, white, ruffly flowers on medium to compact plants. Parents are pictured below.

Paph Dooesedoowe (concolor x Hellas 'Westonbirt') - $25 Mentioned by Harold Koopowitz in his book Tropical Slipper Orchids, so I did a remake out of curiosity. Parents are pictured below.
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i might mention that some pretty fine things emerge from niveum x green complexes - look up paph massachusetts snow or paph mount everest...beautiful!
I took advantage of the free shipping and got 5 beautiful fairrieanum crosses from Ross. Thanks again Ross
Thanks for the inquiry. I do occasionally offer a free shipping special for forum members, usually in the fall. Currently, I am not yet shipping plants this year due to the exteme cold here in Minnesota.

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