Pictures from the Greater Akron Orchid Show

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Your "meager" contributions are the best! I mean, the Lycastes do give it a run for the money, but still.

Is that the native Eastern USA Lycopodium I spot in some of the displays? I'm wondering if folks are cultivating it or if it's wild collected.
I particularly like Dendrochilum (Coelogyne now?) glumaceum and Vandachostylis Azure (the tag is blurry, but I think this is what it is?) and would love to have them of that size in my room hehe.
Dj, you have captured the Akron Show perfectly! That is a great job by you!
It seemed like every single exhibit had a few cool plants within it. Within the images that Darlene shows us all is an absolutely stunning Dendrochilum glumaceum. I think that the judges awarded that an 84 point CCM. Just below it, from the image, is a stunning Lycaste Rakuhoku!!! That plant was awarded Best in Show! Take a close look at that red and yellow lip. Very pretty! CCM of 83 pts. AND an AM of 82 points. Simply gorgeous! Somebody sure knows how to grow Lycastes.
Within that same exhibit were several more Lycastes including that beautiful pinkish one Lyc. Absolutely Stunning which already has an AM award. It sure was special to see that one come to my judging team but with 6 flowers, we really couldn't find a reason to justify elevating it to an FCC.
GREAT JOB DJ, GREAT JOB GREATER AKRON!!!!! That is why I make the trip every March to judge this Show. It is a small show but packed with wonderful members. They make me feel right at home. Heck, the plants ain't too shabby either!!! 🥰 👍
@mrhappyrotter I am not sure about the Lycopodium. What I can say is that it was a very clean looking additive plant and withstood the 3 days on the display. If it was wild collected, it seems to have been cultivated somewhere else for a while.

@PhilaGardener That is a species bellatulum. Unfortunately, it did not have a chance to fully expand for the show. It opened on Thursday. Now that it was had some time, I will post pictures.

@big923cattleya Thank you for the compliments and commentary on the photos! I was not able to stay to learn about the awards. Of course thank you for making the trip to Akron and participating in our judging!

@Happypaphy7 there were several large specimens in the show this year. Stunning plants! I am grateful folks made the effort to carefully pack and transport these lovelies to our show.
These plants are absolutely jaw dropping, as well as yours!!! Impressive growing and kudos to your local society!!! Some of my favorites are that c. amethystoglossa, all those large lycastes, the bulbophyllums, and that large cymbidium! Oh man, there's so much to compliment on!
Great photos! Your meagers, Nah. Lycastes are stunning.
Question: the plant label stakes are a nice touch. I like them better than the typical plastic tridents. Are they a commercial product?