A few award from Greater Cleveland Orchid Society Show

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Congratulations❣️. The closeup photo of the Ackers Classic is awesome. I lovethe coloring and also the pattering of the colors. Is the Zygonesia fragrant? I’d love to grow just one of that genera just to have the fragrance❣️
The above Paphiopedilum was awarded at yesterday’s Greater Cleveland Show. There are three previous awards to Paph. Macabre Hawaiian, all three were basically green and ivory white flowers with fewer spots.
Then yesterday we were presented with this candidate which is more of a vinicolor flower. Petals were a little fuller, dorsal was nice but ruffling/slight curling back at the base precluded a higher score. As is, it was granted an 81 point AM. Petals margins are strongly hirsute just added to its ‘charm’ for me. Inflorescence was a bit twisted and is a little bit of an issue as opposed to straight and erect.
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A this next one is the third of three that my team awarded at judging. This red little beauty is Phragmipedium Apple Pie.
This was a cute Phrag. That was very bright and attractive.
I described the color as a rich cherry red. A few other awards were drooping down just a little below horizontal where these petals were a bit above horizontal. The interior of the pouch was canary yellow with a few cherry red spots towards the rim.
I really thought that this little hybrid was very pretty. Sent me off looking for some vanilla ice cream for my “apple pie”!
Oops, I wanted to mention that it was pubescent throughout!! 🥰😘
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