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Orchid Auction Nov 19, 2016

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Oct 28, 2010
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Rc'd fm my Orchid Society:

Chance of a Lifetime Sale & Auction

Jack & Margie Kepley of Greensboro, NC are in the process of moving to a new home [unfortunately without a greenhouse]. Therefore, they have decided to part with their outstanding Orchid Collection. Many of these high quality plants have already received various awards from the American Orchid Society. If you are interested, the auction is set for November 19, 2016 at their home at 7180 Strawberry Road in Summerfield, NC 27358. This is just on the outskirts of Greensboro. The auction will start at 9AM [rain or shine]. Bring a chair and a checkbook to get your share of these wonderful plants.

Anyone interested in buying multiple plants in advance of the auction, Jack can make that happen. Just call him at (336) 644-6543 to make arrangements.

Attached is an extensive list [in alphabetical order by the OLD names] and all offerings are on a First Come First Get basis.Don’t miss out.

Hope to see everyone there.

(List of Plants A thru I in next post)

Laelia anceps ‘Ervin’ AM/AOS
Laelia anceps v. vetchiana ‘Fort Carolina’ FCC/AOS
Laelia lobata ‘Jeni’ AMAOS
Laelia lobata, alba
Laelia Pacavia
Laelia purpurata (‘Maiden’s Blush x ‘Bion’)
Laelia purpurata v. amoena ‘Orchid Trail’
Laelia purpurata v. carnea (‘Grande’ x York)
Laelia purpurata v. carnea (‘Unforgettable’ x self)
Laelia purpurata v. carnea ‘Orchid Trail’
Laelia purpurata v. schusteriana x self
Laelia rupestris x anceps v. Guerro ‘Mendenhall’
Laelia tenebrosa (Pine Knot x self)
Laelia tenebrosa (v. aurea #1 x #2)
Laelia purpurata {‘Treasure of Carpenteria’ x ‘Bion’
Lc Adolph Hecker’ Thanksgiving’
Lc Amber Glow ‘Magnificent’ AM/AOS
Lc Angel Heart ‘Hihimanu’ AM/AOS Orig. div.
Lc Angel Heart ‘Rosecrest’
Lc Aqua-Finn ‘Nature’s Best
Lc Bethune ‘Mendenhall’
Lc Blue Boy ‘Lennette #3’
Lc Bonanza Queen ‘Panamint ‘AM/AOS
Lc C G Roebling ‘Sentinel’
Lc Canhamiana v. coerulea ‘Azure Skies’ AM/AOS
Lc Canhamiana v. coerulea ‘Cobalt’ AM/AOS
Lc Casitas Spring ‘Linden’ AM/AOS
Lc Chine ‘Bouton D’or x Pot Frank Gillmore ‘Mendenhall’
Lc Decameron ‘Nat’
Lc Dorothy Oka ‘Lenette #1’
Lc Drumbeat ‘Heritage’ AM/AOS
Lc Drumbeat ‘Triumph’ AM/AOS
Lc Eleanor King ‘Elmhurst’
Lc Frosty Pink ‘H & R’
Lc George Baldwin ‘Prolific’
Lc George King ‘Serendipity’ AM/AOS
Lc Irene Finney ‘Ingrid’ HCC/AOS
Lc Irene Finney ‘Spring’s Best’ AM/AOS
Lc Irene’s Song ‘Montclair’ HCC/AOS
Lc Ken Battle ‘Gold Crown’
Lc Land of Enchantment #1
Lc Longriver Compton ‘Ching Hua’
Lc Lou Sykora ‘Ceylon Ivory’ AM/AOS
Lc Mari’s Song ‘CMT 217’ HCC/AOS
Lc Mary Ellen Carter ‘Dixie Hummingbird’ HCC/AOS
Lc Mem Robert Strait ‘Full Circle x Blc Dr. Joe Walker ‘Semi Alba’
Lc Mem Robert Strait ‘Hawaii’ x Lc Mem. Robert Strait ‘Blue Blood’
Lc Mildred Rives ‘Orchidglade’ AM/AOS
Lc Molly Tyler FCC/AOS
Lc Novissima ‘Blue Shadow
Lc Orglade’s Cheer
Lc Orglade’s Grand
Lc Orglades Grand ‘Yu Chang Beauty’ AM/AOS
Lc Percivaliana ‘Summit’ AM/FCC/AOS x self
Lc Phra Nakhon Khuri x C Netrasire Beauty
Lc Rolf Altenberg x C Horace
Lc Rosie’s Surprise ‘Hawaii’ AM/AOS
Lc Spring Fires ‘Lennette’
Leptotes bicolor
Max. tenuifolia ‘Breckenridge Pina Colada ‘CCE/AOS
Max. variabilis
Mexipedium xerophyticum
Miltoniopsis roezlii
Onc sphacelatum
Paph (Spotter x Mach 1) x (Future World x Quantus)
Paph Angelina Kruger
Paph anitum
Paph appletonianum
Paph Armeni White ‘Sandy’s Frost’ HCC/AOS
Paph Arthur Ebright ‘Barney’AM/AOS
Paph Balmedianum
Paph Bel Royal ‘Bentley’ AM/AOS
Paph Bernice ‘Ginger’s Delight’ AM/AOS
Paph Booth’s St. Jewel ‘Bird of Parasise AM, CCE/AOS
Paph Brian Bevis
Paph charlesworthii ‘Clyde’ AM/AOS
Paph Chiu Hua Dancer
Paph Crazy Horse ‘Cassie’ AM/AOS, CCM/AOS
Paph delenatii ‘Spirit’ AM/AOS
Paph Delrosi
Paph Diane Vickery
Paph Dollgoldi
Paph Drewettii ‘Martgie’ AM/AOS
Paph Epithet
Paph Es Low
Paph F.C Puddle
Paph glanduliferum
Paph Guacamole
Paph Gwendo Overette x White Knight
Paph H. R. Lee
Paph Harbinger’s Regina –Wilhelm
Paph Harold Koopowitz
Paph Hilo’s Batman ‘Flash’AM/AOS
Paph hirsitisimum ‘Sellon’ AM/AOS
Paph hirsutissimum v. esquirolei “Kepley’ AM/AOS
Paph hirsutissimum x hookerae
Paph Ho Chi Minh
Paph Honey ‘Stonewall’
Paph Humoresque ‘Green Giant’ AM/AOS
Paph Iantha Stage ‘Newberry’
Paph insigne v. sanderae
Paph johanna Burkhart
Paph Jolly Jade Giant
Paph Julius ‘Marie Teresa’ AM, FCC/AOS
Paph Julius ‘Valle Glow’ AM/AOS
Paph Kemp Tower
Paph Kim Rainbow De ‘Bill Kepley’
Paph Kolosand
Paph lowii
Paph Lyro Blackhawk
Paph Master Jeweller “Pumpkin’AM/AOS
Paph Maudiae ‘The Queen’ AM/AOS
Paph Michael Koopowitz ‘Twisted Sisters’
Paph Oberhausens Diament
Paph Pado’s Moon
Paph philippinense x stonei
Paph Prince Edward of York
Paph Razzle Dazzel’Uli” HCC/AOS
Paph Rolfei
Paph rothschildianum
Paph sanderianum
Paph St. Isabel ‘Peaches’ HCC/AOS
Paph St. Swithin ‘Wilson’ CCE/AOS
Paph stonei
Paph Susan Booth x Pacific Magic
Paph Susan Booth x White Legacy
Paph tigrinum “Rocky Honey” species
Paph Transdoll
Paph Transvaal ‘Lines’ AM, CCM/AOS
Paph Victoria Spice ‘Pearl’ AM/AOS
Paph villosum ‘Flash’ HCC/AOS, AM/AOS
Paph Warden x Paph Susan Booth
Paph wilhelminiae
Paph Winston Churchill x Washington Creek
Paph Woluwence
Paph Delrosi
Phal Brother Sandra ‘Splash’
Phal An Tai Spot ‘Splotchy #2’ AM/AOS
Phal Flight of Birds ‘Maj’ HCC, AM/AOS
Phal H P Norton ‘Red Ruby’
Phal Samb x Lung Chin’s Pride
Phrag Acker’s Starlight ‘Margie Kepley’ AM/AOS
Phrag Alfredo Manrique
Phrag Ashley Wilkes ‘HP’ AM/AOS
Phrag Beaumont
Phrag Bel Royal x Mem. Dick Clements
Phrag Belle Hougue Point
Phrag Belle Watling ‘Molly’ HCC/AOS
Phrag boissieranum v. reticulatum ‘Bells of Ireland’
Phrag Boulay Bay
Phrag Brecko Natament
Phrag calurum x {Mem. Dick Clements x Indolina Ruby Fire)
Phrag Cape Sunset
Phrag Carol Kanzer
Phrag caudatum v. sanderea
Phrag Charleson Sunrise
Phrag China Dragon ‘Peaches’ HCC/AOS
Phrag Conchiferum
Phrag Demetria ‘Pearl’ HCC/AOS
Phrag Don Wimber
Phrag Eric Young ‘Dancing Doll’HCC/AOS
Phrag Fliquet ‘Mae Mobley’
Phrag Fritz Schomberg
Phrag Giganteum
Phrag Grande ‘Mem. Charles Atkins’ CCM/AOS
Phrag Grande ‘Rocky Chestnut’ AM/AOS
Phrag Grouiville’Trinity’ AM/RHS
Phrag Iax
Phrag Jason Fisher ‘Cassie’
Phrag Jason Fisher ‘Cindy’ AM/AOS
Phrag klotzscheanum
Phrag Les Dirouilles
Phrag lindleyanum
Phrag Living Fire
Phrag longifolium v. hertwigii
Phrag Lucy Robbins
Phrag Mary Bess
Phrag Mem. Dick Clements
Phrag Nitidissimum ‘Kepley Rose’ AM/AOS
Phrag Paul Eugene Conroy ‘Magic’AM/AOS
Phrag Predator ‘Arnold’ AM/AOS
Phrag Silver Eagle
Phrag Sorcerer’s Apprentice ‘Spirit’ AM/AOS
Phrag St. Peter
Phrag Sunset Glow
Phrag Sunset Glow x besseae
Phrag Suzanne Decker ‘Margie Kepley’ AM,CCM/AOS
Phrag Twilight x Dick Clements
Phrag wallesii
Phrag Wossner Supergrande
Pot Haw Yuan Gold ‘U.K.’
Pot Jiara Destiny
Pot Lakeland ‘Britt’
Pot Mario Lanza ‘#14’
Pot Waikiki Splendor ‘Lennette x Blc George King ‘Serendipity’
Pot Caesar’s Head ‘#1’ Orig, div, Fenders
Pot Caesar’s Head ‘Carolina Autumn’
Pot Chatoyant ‘Great Purple’
Pot Frank Gilmore x Pot Toshie Aoki Pizazz
Pot Goldernell ‘Southern Cross’
Pot Hausermann’s Treasure ‘Garnet’
Pot Miya’s Radianxe ‘Red Beauty’ AM/AOS
Pot Odom’s Red Beauty x Blc Toshie Aoki ‘Carmela’
Pot San Damiano ‘Halona’ BM/SFOS
Rwm. Jack Kepley ‘One & Only’ HCC/AOS
Schomburkia rosea ‘Twin Towers’ HCC/ AOS
Schomburkia splendida “Bill Fisher’
Skullyara Orchidglade
Slc Golden Wax ‘Wonderlust Ruy’
Slc Ann Komine ‘Breathless’ AM/AOS
Slc Final Touch ‘Lemon Chiffon’
Slc Jewel Box ‘Dark Waters’ AM/AOS
Slc Mae Hawkins ‘Miya’ A/AOS
Slc Margie Kepley
Stenorrhynchus speciosus ‘Showbiz Razzle Dazzle CCM
Vanda Arjuna ‘Wink’ HCC/AOS
Vanda Arsuma
Vanda Ben Berliner ‘Tsuyakos Indigo’ AM/AOS
Vanda Kasem’s Delight ‘Samporn’ AM/RHT
Vanda Motes Indigo
Vanda Pachara ‘Pachara’
Vanda Pat’s Delight
Vanda Robert’s Delight ‘Garnet Beauty’ FCC/AOS,
Vanda Sidney Wincott x lameilata
Vascostylis Crownfox Red Ruby
Vascostylis Tansanite ’Tansanite’ AM/RHS

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