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Nov 14, 2022
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As some of you are aware, I have been posting the last few days regarding the Ann Arbor Show. I spent about 13 hours at the show over 3 days. I knew I had a “pocket full of cash $$$” so I made a promise to stay out of the sales area. I even managed to contact vendors without buying anything after judging on Saturday.
And then came my mistake, I went to contact our 5th vendor about the Michigan Orchid Society Show in March of 2024. A mistake because of this
I saw this hybrid during ribbon judging. I thought, oh that is pretty, kind of dark, maybe an adductum hybrid?
I made a mental note of which display it was in. Oakwood Orchids.
As luck would have it, that was my last vendor that I needed to contact for our Michigan Show.
And as luck would have it, while I am waiting for him to be free, are nice seedlings of the above plant. So I almost got out of the show with wallet untouched. ALMOST!! Yes i purchased one.
It is Paph. QF Mauna U. It is Paph. Memoria Miguel Medina x Paph. adductum var. anitum. Well I almost made it. Seedling has a central growth with a second one well along. It is in a 4” pot with three additional growths.
So close, so very close. 😢😃
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I haven't bought any for years....but someone just reminded me that once you are an addict, you are always an addict, and I do have a small shopping list now...Be strong!!!!!🤣
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