Greater Lansing Show 2-24-24

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Nov 14, 2022
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I thought that the last two years of Orchid Shows were crazy. Then came Lansing yesterday.
We finished ribbon judging early yesterday morning and went to AOS judging a little after 11am. Lunch was catered and food was there early, around 11:40. When I poked my head out of the room to check out lunch, almost the entire sales area was three to four people deep. It looked like vultures on a carcass on the Masai Mara!!! Incredible, just incredible.
When I left at about one-forty, there wasn’t much left in flower. Gee, the vendors had to have done well. But hopefully some could restock but I don’t know. If not, nothing but bones will be left shortly after opening today. Outside people were patiently waiting to get a parking space. I was CRAZY!!

I had my eye on a pretty, solid yellow Cattleya for $35. I thought about it. It was not there at 10:45! Somebody saved me $35.
I figured with cabin fever, the days getting longer and a forecast of a cold, sunny day would be good signs of a well attended show. And they were. It was 16 degrees at 7am. And 34 when I left.
Most of them are from too far away to restock... I grabbed a few more plants from my house but I didn't have much to work with. Mostly just empty.