Greater Lansing Show 2/25/23

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Nov 14, 2022
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I am going to split these images from today’s show into 2 threads. One dealing with Cattleyas and one with Phragmipediums.
The above is Rhyncattleanthe Golden Passion. I thought that I could locate the parents but apparently it is unregistered or a made up name. Flowers were just a little over 4” wide and kind of attractive.
Yes, I was on the Cattleya ribbon team.
This bottom image is Cattleya Lucky Chance. It is C. Tokyo Magic x C. Beaufort. These flowers presented very well and were a little under 4”. The crossA4B11868-40CC-4621-9223-B8A0F84A12BB.jpeg has 7 AOS awards. The middle, shooting star red flower is Rth. Mahuea. It is Pot. Fiery Leopard ‘SVO’ x Rth. Martha Clarke ‘My Beauty’. There is one AOS award to this hybrid. But again, I am a bit disappointed in the owner of this beauty. It is however one of those flowers that catch your attention because of the crazy color!! But the awarded clone of this hybrid is a smallish, fuller, watermelon colored flower with a narrow bright yellow lip with a couple of red spots.
It is a shame when hobbyists, or good growers, get their tags mixed up.


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