Cattleya dowiana update

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A wonderful, illustrative and inspiring documentation of Cattleya culture. Thank you, David!

Ps. Do you know, what's going on with Strauß Orchideen? Their homepage is completely unaccessible!
OmG what joy.

Kudos for blooming from windowsill (not to mention not killing an easy to kill species).

You get the ‘best cattleya dowiana grower’ award here!
Well five days on from the previous photo and we have visible buds! They’re developing quickly. I’m surprised at the amount of purple pigmentation on them for an ‘aurea’, but checking online photos, this seem to be common on the opened blooms.
I love these species that grow and bloom without stoppping just like William Green’s Rex’s. No waiting around for months on end and wondering whether the sheath will produce anything.
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William, Fingers crossed! They’ve separated and are now extending. It should only be a couple of days before they start to open. They are super fast to develop. They must be very similar to your rex’s.
Guldal, good luck with the intermedia. It looks very healthy.

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