Paphiopedilum Memoria Larry Heuer

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Grand Chupacabra
Dec 26, 2012
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Central North Carolina
Paphiopedilum Memoria Larry Heuer (malipoense x emersonii)

Finally. It has bloomed. I bought this seeding about 3 years ago. It's been a fairly trouble-free grower, albeit a tad slow. I just keep it reasonably brightly lit, evenly moist throughout the year, and otherwise no special treatment. The foliage is beautiful, though the two bottom leaves are starting to yellow -- partially because it's probably using a lot of nutrients for blooming and because the new roots are starting to tear the lower leaves away from the base of the plant.

The flower is big. It's hard to say if the petals will recurve, but if they remain held out fairly flatly, the flower is approximately 6 inches (15 cm) across. It's one of the largest blooms in my collection, that's for sure. The shape isn't quite perfect, and I can't tell if it's fully open yet. While the spike and bud developed at a decent pace considering the parentage, the flower itself has been opening for well over a week. The color is wonderful, don't get me wrong, however I had really hoped I'd get much more color in the petals. I love to see the veins/lines colored up really nicely, but this one mostly lacks that coloration except for some speckling/blush near the staminode. The pouch is gorgeous though, and definitely up to my standards.

There isn't much fragrance to speak of, which is a tad disappointing. It's there, but it's faint. I suppose there's a chance it'll develop further as the flower continues to open fully. It's pleasant, not sweet or floral, not spicey. It's a smooth, mellow scent.

Overall, I think it's a great flower, and now I want to buy more of this hybrid.







Congrats! It is good!

On my screen, except for the last two photos, which look very washed out, the flower looks light green with strong yellow hue.
Is that the actual color??

Many that I have seen were this very light minty green, and yours look pretty much typical outcome.

I know what you mean about the color. I have seen one with almost white but with strong reddish marks near the center of the petal.
I prefer green ones though.

I saw a bunch of in-bloom plants for good price by Ten Shin earlier this winter, but did not get any. All the plants were huge! lol

I just donated one of mine, and the one I have has its second growth about half way mature. The first growth spiked last summer, then just sat there forever until it finally blasted on me. :mad:
It was the year of emersonii primary blasting. 3 Franz Glanz and one Mem. Larry Heuer.

Now, one of the FG is in spike and I'm taking extra care not to dry it out between watering.

I have Cam's Cloud in bud for the first time, also.

Fingers crossed!
On my screen, except for the last two photos, which look very washed out, the flower looks light green with strong yellow hue.
Is that the actual color??

Hard to say without seeing on your monitor, but I'd say the early photos are more indicative of the true color (and you can see some are indoors, some are outdoors in natural lighting). The lip close-ups triggered the flash, so that's probably to blame for the more washed out color. It's green, but there's definitely a slight yellowish tint to it.

I've also got Shun Fa Golden on my wish list, as that one should be more reliable in terms of having lots of color in the petals, but I imagine more consistently fragrant. I've seen lots of questionable MLHs out there for sale, but few US vendors are willing to list/admit that their stock is SFG instead of MLH -- at least until very recently.

I hope your other emersonii hybrids do well for you. My Franz Glanz, the one that I've posted here a couple times, blasted its first bud, but that hasn't been an issue since. I guess they just need to have some size on them and lots of time to adapt to your growing conditions, but then after that, they seem to do quite well.
I've got three SFG.
One is in low spike finally, after nursing for a couple of years. I hope it won't take forever like malipoense. lol

The other two are about mid-sized seedlings.

I hope they will turn out nice. :)

Btw, your Mem. LH has a wide dorsal compared to ones I have seen.
Hopefully it will straighten itself out.

Oh, I forgot. I have one more MLH. Bought in bloom last summer. Very fragrant.
It took exactly one year to mature a whole new growth. I think it might be developing sheath deep down the center.
The thing is it looked awful lot like SFG.
I've got three SFG

Both of my other MLHs are probably SFG. One of them is listed as having the parent, emersonii 'H', which I suspect is code for hangianum. The other was listed showing flowers that looked to me like classic SFG, and unfortunately that one did not handle adjustment to my growing conditions very well, so perhaps I'll never know for sure what it is/was.

I specifically purchased this plant from Piping Rock because I wanted to be sure that I had at least one true MLH in my collection, especially after all the speculation that so many SFGs are being incorrectly labelled as MLH, at least in the USA.
Mine carries the clonal name 'Mr. Hang' on emersonii on the tag, I also take the possibility of it being actually SFG.
The flower was large with ns of over 15cm but with deformed & tiny dorsal.
The only thing it had going was the size and fragrance.

The thing is often these two hybrids have flowers very similar and hard to tell for sure.
Plants look very much the same often.
It looks like a nice memoria larry hauer, they have very hairy inside petals to staminode is an easy way to tell if it's true
It looks like a nice memoria larry hauer, they have very hairy inside petals to staminode is an easy way to tell if it's true

Actually not that simple nor easy.
Hangianum and malipoense both have lots of fine hairs on the petals near the center. Emersonii does too, just not as much.
As hybrids, these vary, plus the color intensity and patterns on the staminode of these hybrids vary quite a bit.

You generally go by the overal "feel" of the flower, and often you can tell which is which, but not everytime of course, and some cases are very tough to a point one can't tell for sure. Only good guess.
Angela, mem. Larry hauer is malipoens x emersonii not emersonii x hangianum. true memoria larry hauer has a very harry inner petals to staminode, all of them, I know what I'm talking about, if you don't beleive me ask anybody who has experience with this one
Haha! If it's very hairy on the inside it's really made with hangianum not emersonii; look at each species. A lot of the cross with hang were imported before the species was described.
The bloom just dropped off today. Considering the size of it and the fact that this is a first bloom seedling, I think roughly 4.5 - 5 weeks is good. And it seems to be vigorously producing new roots and a new growth, so I think it's a keeper. Maybe if the next spike also appears to develop two buds, I'll leave the second one so I can see what this looks like with two blooms open at once. With flowers this large, I assume they'll just grow into each other and get smooshed together, simply for lack of space.