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Oct 25, 2015
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Here are a bunch of random orchids I had flower this year. I was going to post earlier but then saw another plant in spike and thought to myself, "well let me just wait for that so I can post everything all at once". That went on for a while 😆. I don't have the collection size that Justin or Tony has so can't sustain a year long album.

I'll start with my Yang-Ji Hawks:
This is the most vigorous plant with best form but color and size just so so.

The next two had better color and I think one of them could win an award in the future if I can do a better job with staking and growing. I think I fertilized too much and took them out of the light too soon because the flowers were all droopy.


It was interesting to see the difference in ovary length. Here's a close up of one:


Next are rothschildianum 'Black Diamond' x 'Atticus '. I had 3 bloom from the same flask. A friend and fellow ST member grew these from flask and we compared photos from all the siblings, I think they make an interesting story about flower variations found among a biparental cross. Maybe for another thread with all photos to compare.

This was the first one to bloom and we think it might be the best among the siblings (though likely inferior to the other roth crosses coming out):

The second one to bloom has an interesting back story. Shortly after spike initation, I put the whole plant in a cold garage with low light to see how the environment might influence flower quality.

As you can see, the flowers were pretty bad. Dull coloration and petals were flexing badly. After the 2nd flower started opening, I moved the plant back to warmer conditions with better light and the 2nd/3rd flower drastically improved in color and form. Even the flexing in the first flower was less. Here are the two side by side:
The third was the smallest of the flask and last to bloom. Good form, lots of other things to like but just missing the full package:

Anyways, I couldn't find a photo of the 'Black Diamond ' parent but among the siblings they all looked pretty similar (minus the large environmental effects).
I had one sanderianum in bloom and awarded this year. It got a HCC with the comment that had it had 4 flowers it would've been an AM. Next time I guess: AOS award

Here is my (very unprofessional) photo: 20240225_144557.jpg

I named it 'Pretty in Pink' due to the petal color. Personally I really like it.

I also had a mini philippinese (too lazy to look for the full name). It's okay I guess, not a big fan of yellow/green things 😅.

Some non-paphs I had to grab a photo before my wife took them to work to enjoy:
Catelya 'Rosie Future', this was the last stronghold if mealies and I'm proud to say they are all gone now:

Fred Clarke 'After Dark', always nice to see bloom:
Lastly, I thought I would share a recent expansion of my growing setup. Been using this since beginning of the year but continously making modifications:

The plants are watered by overhead sprinklers fed by a pump:
Water drains out through the pvc pipes.

This is good for me because I can have the water automatically on early (4am) in the morning without having to get out of bed.

Still learning what sprinklers work best and frequency and duration of the water and fans.
Those first two roths are definitely keepers in my book, congrats! And any blooming sandie is a great sandie!