Paph tigrinum update (again)

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Here it is with 3 blooms open. I just discovered, while I was preparing to take photos, that there are two more sheaths coming up. Too bad the DOS Fall show is only a couple weeks away... it would be awesome to have 5 blooms open at the same time (though I expect that these three won't really last long enough to see the next two open).


The focus is a bit soft in parts of this one because I can't manually set the aperture on my digital camera. One of these days I'll get a nice digital SLR :) A new monitor first, though!

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Thanks :) The great thing about this plant is that the blooms will last for 3 or 4 months, if they are moved into the shade. As I'm sure you know, the front right bloom on this one has already been open for over a month, and has no signs of drooping. The other two blooms have been open for about a week now. There aren't many multi-florals that have that kind of longevity (although my parishii lasted for ages last time it bloomed).

- Matt
That's fantastic Matthew.

Once you see the beginnings of spikes how long before you've been getting open blooms?

Same question for your parrishii.
Ohh Matt! You need to photograph yourself holding the plant while wearing white leather pants and with your hair blowing in the wind. Glamour Shots style. Break out that soft focus filter! :)

Thats hard to say... it has been variable depending on how many spikes are on the plant already (and its definitely faster now that the plant is bigger). Generally, though, I'd say that once I notice the sheath, the spikes take about 4 months (on average) to be in full bloom.

For the parishii, it was two months, almost to the day.

- Matt

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