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Still getting a fliwer here and there, and I'm starting to see sheaths and spikes on winter bloomers.

Hirohisa's Ruby is an impressive flower in person but I haven't figured out how to photograph it well.


A first bloom haynaldianum from Orchid Inn breeding. Other than the split synsepal it's a nice flower, I'll let it grow up and see how it does on a more mature plant.

My Fanaticum is putting on a great show with a 13.5 cm NS flower, but I was clumsy and knocked it off the bench while it was developing and screwed up the left side too much to have it judged. Maybe next time.



Not a Paph but an exciting first bloom so you can all endure it. Brassia Datacosa 'Carol' is a sibling to 'Coos Bay' AM/AOS that was never cloned, I got my division as a gift from Carol Baughman and it is one of my most treasured plants.


Also bloomed a couple of turds. First is a sibling to the last bad Hung Sheng Cape, this grex has not been nearly as good as the one I got from Peter Lin a few years ago. I have one left in spike but my expectations are low.


And a Raingreen's Sandi Hawk that is nowhere near as good as its sibling.

Sorry, I meant to say, "does it already have a new growth ". Just curious how long you'll need to wait for the next bloom.

It has a runner that looks about half grown and ought to start a new basal fan soon. The last bloom was about 11 months ago so I should see it again this time next year.

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