My Cochlopetalum(s) in 2023

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Oct 23, 2006
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Although so far this is the only one of my Cochlopetalums which is in flower I'm optimistic that she won't be the only one in flower for this year. Hopefully !
Paphiopedilum victoriae-mariae :
I like this species a lot and I wanted at any rate posess one. Now the plant flowers for the first time and I'm really happy with it. Measurments of the flower are.... withd 7,5cm and height 6 cm .... altogether slightly smaller as expected, but I think their might be a bit enlargement if the plant matures more, but if not .... I'm happy, too.



This last shot is especially for Guldal and BrucherT, enjoy.

Nice one, GuRu. I like these. I wished for a Pinocchio, but instead of these colors, I got the album version. That`s not bad either but still would like to get the `normal` color. Or a glaucophyllym or victoria-mariae. You can sometimes find that in flower shops, but I go so seldom to Helsinki or Helsinki Metropolitan Area these days.
Mariae is always so elegant, and maybe just a tad shy and blushing.

On behalf of Brucher and my humble self, allow me to express our most sincere gratitude for your in-toto consideration - a gesture much appreciated! 🤗