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Hi Gary. I'll be at Malvern for the set-up for North of England Orchid Society on Thursday and will be there Friday and upto lunch on the Staurday. Hope we can meet.

Nice haul!
Some beautiful leaves on those paphs you got!

I wish I was as crafty like you, but thank goodness they sell easy set ups here and ready-to-use shop lights. :)

I just recently put up a light unit as well.
Mine is about the same as yours, just one foot shorter, 4ft length and 18inch deep.
I have 4 T8 regular shop lights and some plants are getting bleached.
You have only 2 T8, so I think you should be fine as long as plants are not too close.

I grow most other paphs by the window with very strong light filtered by sheer curtain. I can still see sharp outline of the shadow cast by my hand over the plants, so I assume it's really bright. no bleaching of leaves there.
So I assume 200 fc is not an issue. just saying.

I grow cattleyas and certain dendrobiums together with my paphs.
They all do fine. I think multi-floral paphs can take over 3000 fc, at least that's what some books say.
Aaahhh Gary, orchids are a slippery slope and you've
just slipped all the way down! Welcome to the addicted
crowd. Having joined, you have the right to utilize all
window sills, any appropriate area outside in summer,
any adjoining space that can possibly be used in any way
you choose and try to deduct the money you spend on
plants as dependents. If you annoy your spouse enough,
you can start to plan a greenhouse. Worked for me and
it can work for you. Plan A: tie up the kitchen sink at
least once to twice a week all day watering your plants...
weekends preferred. Plan B: bring in lots of humidifiers
and start growing mold...try for the jungle effect. Plan C:
clutter up everything in sight with temp. and humidity
monitors...try for unsightly with lots of fans too. Plan D:
use your imagination to further your cause. ;>)