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That’s a cool complex shelf! How do you drop temperatures to set spikes?
I put all unbloom paphs on the ground level n have a fan blowing 24/7, I can only achieve a 4 degree drop, once bud appears I move to top shelf to grow the spike faster.
All luck, no skills required.
Running a bit late this year but with a fifth bud to make up for it, my favorite PEoY. It is normally an early June bloomer. It first bloomed in 2019, then took three years to mature another growth, lost the original flowing growth along the way and bloomed weakly last year. Since changing my feed program it has picked up the pace with a new growth already matured a year later and the fifth bud. Hoping for a long spike to display them nicely like in '19 so I can take it to judging.



It could just be a bum flower that just happened to be chewed superficially. Even his noodliness occasionally throws a crippled flower.

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