Paph rothschildianum (TC-5 x TN-Tiger)

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Oct 4, 2008
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Canberra, Australia
A first flowering seedling from the cross rothschildianum TC-5 x TN-Tiger. This is Taiwanese breeding from Shen-Lu Orchids (Iweyshan). This is the eight roth I have flowered now and the best. In fact, I believe this is the finest orchid I have ever flowered. The flowers are big (28.5 cm NS), have great colour and also have a wonderful stance. I had a roth get an AM award a couple of years back, but this one is a level above that in quality and size. So hopefully this will be awarded in the future. The other positive thing is this plant appears to be a great grower.

I have one other seedling of this cross although it is a few years from flowering. Fabrice posted two seedlings from this cross way back in 2014 (Rothschildianum crazy orchid. ). My plant had to go through quarantine which generally sets them back a few years, if it doesn't kill them.

Anyway, I am so excited about this plant. I can't wait to see it flower in a larger clump. Probably in another three years. :)


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