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Feb 21, 2023
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Baltimore, Maryland, USA
When I began growing orchids, a division of Paphiopediluum rothschildianum would run $500–$1,000 and were few and far between. Today, I nice blooming size seedling can be had for $50 and the quality is excellent. His is a plant purchased from Ten Shin Gardens at the 2023 SEPOS show and sale near Philadelphia. Not an award winner but VERY satisfying. It's a vigorous grower to boot. IMG_9936.JPG
Nice big flower.

It is no longer a "rare" species, and the average pot plant roth today exceeds the quality of most Charles E x Borneo from yesteryear, with radically improved ease of blooming. So I agree it is a world of difference.

However, the majority of plants I see in the US are Taiwanese imports with generally poor flower quality. Even with high sample size I do not see any of these imports with exceptional flowers. The growers in Taiwan bloom out incredible specimens with world class flowers, but the stuff we get here all seems to generally come from one or two very poor quality crosses with parents that are not true to the label.

Also in the US it seems we are down to one domestic nursery doing cutting edge breeding. (Paph Paradise--If I were still actively buying I would definitely be a customer.)

So I guess it is the best of times but the worst of times :)