Paph rothschildianum 'Sam's Best' FCC/AOS x 'Perfection' FCC/AOS GM/JOGA

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I would 'move it along' to clear some bench space.

The first time I flowered it I thought it was quite nice. The petals were more horizontal, the dorsal didn't reflex, good size for a seedling (25cm) and I liked the colour. The last two flowerings have been nothing like this. Given the new growth is so much larger and stronger, I thought it was worth one more go. The flowering growth also has a 2nd new lead, so this plant is finally starting to clump. Even if I decide to get rid of it later, I think I would get a better price if I grow it on for a bit longer. I don't think I could give it away at the moment.

This is when it flowered for the first time in 2013.

I wonder why its so different this time?

Difficult to say. I often find the 2nd flowering is worse than the first. It is like the first flowering takes a lot of energy out of the plant and the followup is not strong. Having the extra flower may reduce the quality. The plant hadn't been repotted for three years. I repotted it today and it had a nice root system.
I like the first flowering a lot! Both in regard to colouring, saturation, the stance of the petals and the overall impression.

I think it deserves another chance before you cleat the space!

Give it a lot of tender care - and keep us posted as to how the flowering unfolds the 3rd time around!

Kind regards,
Excellent! Best roth I've seen in a while. The horizontal petals are essential to a good roth, and far more important than any other characteristics.

I am in the camp that likes the petals to angle down a little. A bit like the photo above on this page.
The pot is too small.

I repotted it into a 17 cm basket pot last weekend. It was growing in a 13 cm diameter pot which I think was fine for that size plant. It probably looked too small because the plant was growing on one side of the pot right to the edge.