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This is a cross from Sherwood orchids (stonei x haynaldianum), and usually blooms with very horizontal petals. One of the few hybrids that I haven't gotten rid of :)


I already have photos of this plant posted somewhere, so I thought I'd post one with the focus on the opening bud instead.

- Matt
Good idea to show three stage of an evolving bloom from bud to fully blossomed out bloom in one photo. Not all hybrids are as showy as nearly all of the primary hybrids of multiflorals. I like particularly the coloration of these blooms.
And to be honest, if I were the owner of this plant I wouldn't get rid of it, too.
Well grown plant and great photo as ever.
Best regards from Germany, GuRu
Thanks :)

One of the great things about this plant is that the blooms are huge, but the plant is surprisingly compact; smaller than I'd expect for either parent. My plant currently has 3 mature growths, and the leafspans range from 10-13"; about the same size as most of my uniflorals!

Here's another photo, taken the same day:


- Matt

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