Paph. Gege Hughes x Mountain Meadow

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Feb 1, 2019
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Cross is Gege Hughes 'Harvest Moon' x Mountain Meadow 'Absinthe'. It has a HOF tag, but I got the plant years ago at our local show from Glen Decker when he used to come with Piping Rock. Never going to win any awards, but I keep it around for sentimental reasons, and the great color that just seems to glow from within. When well established it's a vigorous grower and bloomer, throwing out two flowerings per year, however, it detests being repotted and will usually sulk for a few years before flowering again. Unfortunately, it's due for a repotting this year, so this is likely to be the last flower I see for some time, and of course it got sunburned while opening since the bud developed during an extremely cloudy and rainy period. Oh well, it will always have a spot on my windowsill!

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