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This one will be a little harder to guess. This was a primary multifloral crossed onto a species multifloral. Can you guess which 3 species where used to make this hybrid? We named it Paph. Beowulf.




Since you said 3 species, this guess is probably wrong, but it looks like what I think Lady Isabel x stonei might look like.
Between you all, you have guessed all 3 species!, but no one has got all 3 yet, so they are??

Considering, that all 3 parent species have already been mentioned, and eliminating those combinations that didn't win, my guess would be adductum (certaintly), platyphyllum and praestans.

Very nice hybrid, actually.

Cheers, Carsten
I had to look up the cross of stonei x wilhem. since that's not a common one. Both of your new crosses turned out very nicely.
Darnit, I was damn close. Good job Candace! I like these guessers and finally got on quick enough to have a meaningful guess. :)


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