Tips for Making a Semi-Terrestrial Species Greenhouse 101

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Aug 14, 2023
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Hello everyone, Happy Growing :D

I want to make a greenhouse (not to sell plants, but to generally improve my growing).

But I've never made one XD, of course, I'm not going to hire a company because there's no ticket XD. However I have gotten materials to make the structure like bamboo and other stuff.

What indispensable things should a greenhouse have for Phrag, Paph and semi terrestrial species?

I have seen that in crops like Paphio Fun, Biobeampah and Orchids Ltd they have a water bed under the plants (the water does not touch the pot), I guess it is essential (I use a plate, but if it touches the pot).

A friend of mine gave me a few meters of thick transparent plastic, what else can I add?

Do you know any practical, effective and simple design?

Please help me
Does that thick transparent plastic have UV protection? If not, it may not even last a year in the sun. UV light typically degrades non-UV protected plastic films pretty quickly.

You may need to consider how you will provide shade to the plants. Most of the slipper orchids and many tropical terrestrial orchids need to be protected from bright, mid-day sun.

Do you plan to have electricity in your greenhouse? Fans are often necessary, depending on the greenhouse design. If you have open sides/faces, it may be less important, but heat builds up under plastic very quickly.
Hi, I'm going to do it in my patio, I think it's only 2.5m wide x 6m long, it's small :D

I plan to have both sides open for better ventilation.

I plan to also use shade cloth for the excessive sunlight problems, however, for the heat and temperature stress, I don't know what to do, as I would have to use an extension from my house to the patio for electricity.

What is your advice?