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I haven’t kept detailed notes, but I want to say at least 3, maybe 4? Perhaps someone who has kept better track of their bloomings can chime in…
My last niveum finally faded out at 5 months and 4 days. At the 4.5 month mark it had a few tiny brown spots, which increased steadily for the next couple weeks until it abruptly browned and crumpled. I avoid feeding plants in bloom but I did decide to feed after 3 months of open bloom, as the plant was looking needy. I wonder if it would have lasted longer, or less long, had I not fed?
Second bud has opened up. Also had a nice surprise when I had it out to water, 2 more spikes! One with two buds, and the third still in low sheath. It must love this hot summer weather we've been having. Looks like I'll be getting a few more months to enjoy it!
Here is an update with the final 4 flowers in bloom. Unfortunately, due to grower error, the first 2 flowers were lost prematurely so instead of a full display of 6 there are only 4....Oh well, I'm still extremely happy with this plant and the show it's putting on this year.
Great show ! A plant which produces 3 spikes with 2 flowers on every spike must have been grown extremely well. Congrats ! 👌
Thank you! Although, in this case I think it reflects more the unusual vigor of this particular clone, rather than anything the grower did!
I didn't realize niveum lasts so long in bloom!
I only have niveum heavy hybrid (Mystic Isle) that last barely 1.5 month before any brown spots start to appear. But that is long enough for me, though. lol
Age does matter as some plants show their potential gradually while others do so right from the start, which I don't think is as common.
My Mystic Isle took nearly two years to bloom for the second time. Real test of patience!!
Then, it only took one year to bloom again, and again, then, boom! multiple leads that bloom whenever they are ready.
Some never grow well with age. So, cherish the good growers that also have wonderful flowers to enjoy!

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