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Jun 7, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
I just got the flask/plant/ division listing from Orchids Inn for us Canadians.....

Dear Orchid Friends in Canada,

A few of you emailed me that there is no lists attached. So I am re-sending you all this email with lists.

Attached you will find the following lists for the pre-order for our next Canada trips:

1. Catasetum List from Sunset Valley Orchids - Please note that these are all Net Price.
2. Plant List
3. Divison List
4. Flask List

All lists except the Catasetum list will be updated on our website within the next two days. However, there are a few flasks I am only offering to my Canada customers and will not list on our website.

Pre-order deadline will be Saturday, September 25. Since some items are in limited supply, I would suggest you place an order soon as specially for the flasks.

I will be speaking to Ottawa, Qusbec, Saguenay and Montreal societies starting October 17th and also will attend the Eastern Orchid Society Show in Montreal October 23rd and 24rd. I can deliver you orders at the meeting, show or I can ship your order from Montreal.

Please forward this email with the lists to the societies or any one who may be interested..

If anyone in Canada wants the listings please drop me a PM with your email address and I will forward it on to you.
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