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For Sale good deals on kovachii and kovachii hybrids

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May 29, 2011
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southern Indiana
I have some kovachii and kovachii hybrids that I’m willing to share at fairly low prices. All are Chuck Acker breeding. The first three are straight kovachii with cross IDs of CA735 and CA769. They are all good growers with 10-12 inch leaf spans and nice roots.

The second group is CA778, Phrag Magdalene Rose “Mother” 4n x kovachii “Peruvian Gift”. When these started growing, about half had very wide leaves and they looked more like Phalaenopsis. They should be polyploid, but I have a mature Magdalene Rose 4n, and it does not have wide leaves. I subscribe to the theory that wide leaves are generally better for flower production, so these should be interesting plants at maturity. They all have leaf spans of about 5 inches and they are very healthy plants.

I’m selling the kovachii for $30 each and hybrids for $20 each. I’ll ship by USPS Priority for $10 regardless of how many you buy. (Yes, I will ship all 6 of them to the same location for just $10.) They are currently growing in moss, but it is time to move them to bark, or whatever you prefer to use. I will ship them bareroot, wrapped with fresh moss. If I see any problems with roots, I will substitute with a larger plant of the same cross. Paypal works best for me. US only. Send me a message, if you are interested. Mike

kovachii ST.jpg MR x Pk.jpg


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Jun 25, 2012
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That is what I had missed:mad: while I was busy... Good deal!


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Sep 6, 2021
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I know, day it posted, they were already gone!!! Snooze you lose I guess!

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