Gloria Naugle?

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Nov 4, 2013
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Just bought this orchid from Al's Greenhouse in Leesburg VA. Great looking plant. I've not seen Paph. Gloria Naugle in person before and had no idea of the flower size... not a bad price and i had to have it.

I do have a question though... the tag, rather than saying Paph Gloria Naugle said Paph micranthum X Paph rothschilianum. I've found most sources to have the reverse order for the crosses. My question is... if it's the inverse cross (micranthum as the pod parent) is it still Paph. Gloria Naugle?

Thanks! Pictures attached (sorry if lighting is bad, took at night in my apartment).


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Yes, the cross is the same name in reverse.
A Paph. Gloria Naugle in bloom is a rare thing; one with 2 blooms is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Very rare to just stumble upon a GN in spike for sale, they are very very difficult to bloom
Very nice. Can you take a pic of the leaves? Might give us a clue on how much light the plant is getting.

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I bought yet another Gloria Naugle at a recent show while waiting for any of my other GN to bloom, if ever! lol

I think I have three or four at least.