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While waiting for it to open up all the way, here’s a preview of my very first blooming of this cross.
This plant is from OI breeding. They had three different offerings and I have no idea which one this plant is from.
I got a compot containing four seedlings from Mike in September 2014. They were initially very slow but eventually started doing better. I only kept one seedling as I bought a few blooming sized plants of the cross from other sources while waiting for the seedlings to grow larger.
Well, all of the other plants I bought as blooming size were very slow (barely one leaf a year) and never even made a sheath. I got rid of them all but one best looking plant (which is now two-growths plant) and this one seedling in bloom today.
This blooming plant happens to be the largest plant of the cross I’ve seen. Leaves are unusually wide for the cross.
Anyways, the flower is currently at 6inch wide with the dorsal width at 5.3 cm. Fairly big & balanced flower I would say, but a bit too yellow. I hoped for a dark pink flower. Oh, well... View attachment 32247
Beauty in the eye of beholder. I love the yellow contrast.
Just a wonderful GN. I would be happy with that one. Good luck with the Vietnamese cross. If they look anything like the one Tony posted, they will be incredible.
Just a wonderful GN. I would be happy with that one. Good luck with the Vietnamese cross. If they look anything like the one Tony posted, they will be incredible.
That would be amazing although I realize the chance is quite slim.
I'm hoping to get some decent ones out of this trying. Well, we'll first have to get some viable seeds. :)
Wish me luck!! Who knows maybe I'll post here in ten years with a wonderful flower shot?
It's a gorgeous GN! :p :p 😍 😍

One can understand why you pant for a pouch with more and striking red colouring. The rest of the flower is in my eyes is so stunning, that this added feature might make it acquire status as a certain Gold Medal World Champion GN to end all GNs!

As is, a flower like yours would, never the less, send me straight into a state of Nirvana!

If you can't liberate yourself from your preexpectations, though, may I propose the clonal name: P. Gloria Naugle 'Rolling Stones':

Thanks! How did some other treated GN bloom out?
I had been bloomed a few treated seedlings. maybe 3 or 4 clones came out bigger and deep color flower than normal, but still has a few that came out like normal size and color. I still have a few never bloomed seedlings, only original growth, growing slowly.
Attached is also a treated clone.


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Thank you for sharing!
Do you know anything about mericloned Gloria Naugle? It goes by the clonal name 'Red' and I assume that refers to the dark flower color of the original plant? I was told that someone in Taiwan made quite a few such GN and distributed throughout the world. I bought a couple. Nice and compact plants but very slow. Leaves are very narrow and beautiful.
No flowers yet.

I have quite a few of these (parvi/brachy x multi) hybrids and Gloria Naugle has been the most frustrating in that they are such slow growers.
Other hybrids at least had a decency to grow well. I'm still waiting for my Delrosi to bloom again for me. None have bloomed since 2017. They keep making sheaths on every growth but they won't progress any further.
Same story with my Dollgoldi. No sheaths ever on my Rolfei (bellatulum x roth). I already tossed out a bunch of plants after a few long years wait.
I think my other Gloria Naugle is finally spiking. I'm not excited yet until I know it is a real actual spike bearing buds. Fingers crossed!!

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