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For Sale FS - Cattleya aclandiae and trianae seedlings from SVO

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May 14, 2017
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Dallas, TX
Good evening all,

This listing is for 6 plants each of the following SVO seedlings. Established in 2 inch pots with a new growth since purchased. These sold out fast when originally offered.

C. aclandiae 'Gulfgade' AM/AOS x 'Verde' AM/AOS
C. trianiae 'Mary Fennell' HCC/AOS x 'Cashens' FCC/AOS

$25.00 each plus $10 shipping in the United States
Two for $50.00 with free shipping - mix and match
Six for $120.00 with free shipping - mix and match

If you elect one of the discounted multi-plant packages and there are not enough plants left to fill that order, you will be given the option to buy the remaining plants at the same per-plant price as in the discounted package, including free shipping.

Offer valid until Sunday June 4th. Shipping planned for June 5th, but I can delay it a week or two if desired.

Here is a photo of the actual plants being offered,