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Selling most of my paphs...

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The only plant left not being inquired about is the Bel Royal. It is a 3 growth, 2 bs growths (unbloomed) and a new lead. Should spike this year, possibly with 2 spikes. That's it at the moment. Wow. I'll let you know if anything else falls through.

Yea, the other thing we did is throw out lots of stuff. Turned my aunt into a bit of a minimalist and she says she's happier for it. Something I'd like to do but never seems to happen, being the family's repository for late ancestor's belongings.

Good luck. I would certainly be calling in the pros and going with the heavy duty chemicals if not flamethrower/napalm if I were you!
I can feel for you! We have them here too. Lost one cat to them - they tend to find them before they find us. But one thing we do care for diligently is the wolf spider. While a big menacing looking spider, they don't bother us and they prey on the recluse. Wish you the best on getting back to a normal life again.
I had to google the name, it's spider, yikes!
Hope you will get rid of them for good.
Seems a silly question, but have you tried fly-paper to trap the little nasties? See http://www.camelspiders.net/brown-recluse.htm . Get several, toss them in the storage room and hope for the best. Since they are hungry (and probably canabalistic) why not try some poison: dust some insects with borax.

Some other tips: http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf/Pest_Control/Spiders/Getting-Rid-of-Spiders.html

I was really tempted by the plants until I read about the spider issue... Just the thought make my skin itch...

I hope you kill every last damned one.

We had been using sticky paper and DE to keep them at bay. This has proven ineffective. I can say without a shadow of a doubt there are none in my grow room. Honestly, I would have been bitten by now if there was. I drench my plants pretty thouroughly by hand, holding the pot above a 5 gallon bucket to catch what drains through. Please understand that I would never put anyone else or their collection at danger, especially after what I've been through!
Oh my! What a tale! I had no idea they could infest a place like that. Scary sh#t!
Sounds like you are doing what you must - my sanity would be much better with no plants and NO spider than some of each!

FWIW, I think most people know I sold most of my collection when I moved out here. Sometimes it just becomes reality that other things are more important and take priority. When/if the time to rebuild comes, things can always be replaced. :) Hang in there!
I'm sorry to hear of your troubles and hope you get rid of the spiders soon.
If I lived closer to you I'd help you out, I hope everything goes ok. 2 weeks ago I found a few centipedes in my plants 4 feet from my bed so yur not the only one who's got crawlers
Ok, I am officially closed for business. Thanks to all who purchased plants, I know they have all found happy homes. I got a little emotional packing boxes. But I know it's for the best. I see it as a chance to spend time giving the plants I have left individualized care, and a chance to spend less time in the room and more time with the family. I needed to dial it back a notch anyways, I just didn't expect it to happen this way.

Thanks to all who expressed care and concern for our family. We can't express our gratitude enough. A million times thank you. To extend this kind of support to a complete stranger like me, it warms my heart. I can't say it enough. Thank you all
I can't speak for anyone else but when the time comes let me know if you want a piece back of any of your plants. Or if I sell anything in the future I will ask you first.
And I'll throw you one of mine even if I didn't buy anything. Just let us know when you are up and running again.
Wow, that is just too freaky for words. Like a hollywood movie come to life. Here we have giant poisonous centipedes that get into the house sometimes and godzilla sized hornets that kill several people each year, but I've never heard of a house being overwhelmed to the point folks have to leave.

Good luck to you and your family with your move. Sorry to hear about your collection. If it is any consolation, I'll be moving deeper into the city here very soon and probably have to give up the lion's share of my plant collection as well - just no room.
Chad, thanks so much. You're too kind

Tom, yikes on the centipedes and hornets... I've read that just like spiders, all centipedes are poisonous to varying degrees. Luckily our infestation is manageable in size.