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As of last night when the show closed for the day, there were still several very nice flasks of several varieties available on Dr. Perner's sales table. I don't recall seeing any of the one that everyone wants. I thought they looked great and people tell me (I'm sure I don't know why) that I am normally too fussy and difficult to please. I picked up some BS size plants that were in excellent condition as well. This morning there are still some slightly smaller ones available. I'm looking forward to hearing Dr. Perner's presentation today at the Cymbidium Congress (it seems cymbidium growers love paphs too).
Scott, can you comment on TON and what they had in flasks and plants as well as give us an idea of prices.

I'll try to provide the short answer until I can post some photos and more details after I get back to Seattle.

The quality of plants and flasks was top of the line all the way - no exceptions. Most plants in the flasks were ready to go directly into 2.5" pots. Compotting would seem an unnecessary step in this case. There were complex, mottled leaf, and a few species flasks. And while there were no "bargains" the prices seemed fair based on the potential of the cross. There was also an incredible selection of compots and individual plants, with heavy emphasis on super high potential bellatulum line breeding.
I checked out there flasks at the Sboe show.... Great looking flasks!!!! Great plants for sale too!!! I would too have loved too buy a few flasks!!!
Excellent. Now you gotta keep us updated. I'm excited how the coccineum will turn out. I really like that species especially the small ones.

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