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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I bought a fairrieanum about 7 months ago as a seedling. It's got the parental cross on it, but it was supposed to be the typical colored form. As it's grown up, I've noticed there's no coloration under its leaves or on the growths at all. I would think there'd be some coloration. Do I have an alba on my hands? It's probably due to bloom in the near future so I won't have to guess for that long.
Well C, fairrieanums do not have coloration under their leaves. The leaves should be a really nice light green color! In my experience both regular, album and mixed have all the same colored leaves. It will bloom this winter if it is ready!
Hmm, not even any coloration on the growths toward the bottom? They are a light green color, I guess I just expected some sort of coloration to distinguish it from albas.
I think you might mix things up- perhaps you're thinking about P. charlesworthii?
I guess I should rephrase the original question to can you tell the difference between an alba and typical fairrieanum by looking at the plant? Or do the leaves and plant look exactly the same on both?

This is quite normal.
Many red forms I have seen show very little pigmentation. Have you looked really 'deep' into the base?
Having said that I think the album form is well worth having.
I have both a regular & an alba. I see no difference it the leaves - upper or under either.

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