Mossiae semi alba, seed pod harvested.

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David B

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May 2, 2022
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So for all you mossiae connisserus out there a little early news, but please do not miss this one. I am half way through 74 so better early than never. As some of you know I grow some cattleya species for the well travelled Dr. Leslie Ee. Perhaps these will be ready for Dresden 2026. Dr. Ee will be in charge of plant/ flask release.
Last May 2023, I put mossiae pollen from SuperNova onto Paz Lucia and it took. The pod was harvested 19Apr.2024 and is travelling to a flasker this weekend. I am posting this as having grown both these plants for the last few years, I have some insight. Both clones flower well and on time like a a well tuned audemars piguet. The pod parent did not miss a beat and will have two leads in bloom in the next ten days and grows very well. The pollen parent SuperNova is a beastly grower and has expanded exponentially under my care. The flowers are also larger, have superb color and substance and could possibly leave you breathless. The lip color saturation is entire and intense. The plant has two leads in bud at this time. I do not do this ideally, I hope the flasking goes well and that Dr. Ee will be able to ger some of these progeny into the hands of top growers. As a retired judge friend in Montreal was often heard to say,'You won't be disappointed'! Flower pics are from last year. If a quality semi-alba will make you happy, please remember this post, I may be around to say I told you so.


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