Cattleya mossiae semi-alba pincelada pics and pod being done.

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David B

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May 2, 2022
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So we are fortunate in that we (Dr.Leslie Ee) and I have two different clones of mossiae semi-alba pincelada in bloom now. One clone Paz Lucia is from Venezuela and the plant is now at the status I feel necessary to hold a pod. The plant (with 5 flowers) is growing well in two different directions, but will be watched closely for any stress or setback. The other clone Super Nova is just re-establishing and gaining plant vigor is paramount. The Paz Lucia is steadily getting larger, and the flower quality though very nice does not match the Super Nova in size, form or distinctness in the pincelada brush strokes. I just did a quick look at the 90 awards to mossiae, at least 20 being semi-alba. None of the awards match or exceed the lip saturation color or markings on the Super Nova. It is truly an outstanding clone. Hopefully we will be able to disseminate it's progeny to growers and exhibitors. Also of note, the SN clone has rich fragrance of white chocolate.


  • mossiae Paz Lucia 2023 -@.jpg
    mossiae Paz Lucia 2023 [email protected]
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  • mossiae Paz Lucia 2023 close.jpg
    mossiae Paz Lucia 2023 close.jpg
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  • mossiae Super Nova 2023.jpg
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