Paphiopedilum wenshanense questions

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Indeed, but it appears that it is something more than just pale dots. As a parent it dilutes the color of the other flower in hybrids, hence the name of 'dilute' types. There were quite a few wild plants of that type that appeared about 10-15 years ago. Most had plain green leaves, like a bellatulum album, but a few had reddish leaves however.

They would be worth of a description as a forma, or possibly even a variety, as they came clearly as a colony, back then. They were not individual plants, as an albino would be.
That is very pretty! Never seen one. Hope it’s preserved.
Darlene, that's a pretty one and one with plenty influence of P. bellatulum ... the flower looks almost like a 'dilute' P. bellatulum ?
I am a bit taken with how much this looks like bellatulum also. The label said wenshanense x self, but labels are not alway reliable, as we often discuss on the forum.

All I know about these is that they came from abandon Orchid Zone stock when they closed. At least that is what I remember reading. Marni Turkel was doing flasking for them with the shut down and some paph flasks were left. I will reach out the her, in case she has a bit more information.