Cultivation of Phrag Kovachii (and Hybrids) , and Paph Niveum and Rohs (and hybrids) in temperate climates

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Aug 14, 2023
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Hello everyone, happy growing

I live in a temperate climate (transformed into torrential rains from time to time and hot temperatures from time to time due to climate change).

I have daytime temps of 26C-32C, and at night 18C-22C.

I want to grow Phrag Kovachii and its hybrids, also Paph Niveum and the Roths hybrids, but I don't know what climate they need, I wouldn't want to grow them and have them never bloom D:

I have heard that Besseae and Kovachii need night temperatures of 8C, and I don't have the means for a greenhouse.

Based on your experience, what species and hybrids do you recommend?
I also wanted to know how long it takes for Pah Rots and Niveum to flower?
I live in southern Ontario, with warm to hot humid summers, cool to cold winters. I had a niveum cross that lived in live moss in a pot outside from half of may till September. It didn’t seem to like anypotting medium. No matter what I did I couldn’t make it happy. It grew a bit, but winters under grow lights and 60% humidity still didn’t make it happy. It never flowered and slowly withered away.