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  1. DrLeslieEe

    Phragmipedium kovachii ‘Jabba’ HCC/AOS

    Awarded today at the Windsor show with a 79 (yikes) point HCC/AOS to my friend Andrew. It was a touch and go thing. When it first opened I was thinking too small petals and shouldn’t take to judging. But yesterday when I saw it, I’m like hmmm might scrap by with a HCC. So I took it last...
  2. DrLeslieEe

    Phragmipedium kovachii ‘Ewok’ AM/AOS

    I was privileged to award my first kovachii as team captain in our monthly AOS judging today. The flower was at the perfect stage, flat and round with a deep rose to dark fuschia tones. It came from a grower who loved this species and flowering it was a holy grail for him. And to get a high AM...
  3. Heather

    P. kovachii Hybrids

    Hey everyone! So, I’m back at it, six months down the primrose path of houseplants…now trying a Phrag again… Of course, I go with a finicky kovachii hybrid which I am sure everyone got tired of discussing about a decade ago! 😂 Fritz Schomburg, how can I go wrong?!? At any rate, it’s in grodan...
  4. P

    Phrag Acker's Beauty

    This is a first bloom seedling of Phrag. Acker's Beauty (Lindleyanum X Kovachii). I got this as a large seedling last year from Woodstream Orchids. I'll have to update the photo as it's gotten larger and the colors have evened out a little. It's quite a large bloom and i find the...