Hybrids with Phragmipedium Lindenii?

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Aug 14, 2023
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Hello everyone, happy growing

Are there any registered hybrids made with Phragmipedium lindenii?
I am curious about whether the offspring inherit the lack of pouch, I have heard that lindenii, in essence, is a wallisii without pouch, but I would like to investigate whether the resulting offspring vary between wallisii and lindenii,

In particular, are there any Lindenii x Kovachii hybrids?

Where can I look up what hybrids have been made and with what results? (I can't afford orchidwiz D:
Yes! Here's a list https://www.orchidroots.com/orchidaceae/progeny/152874/?family=Orchidaceae&role=pri&tab=pro. I don't see any registered hybrids involving kovachii, though. That doesn't mean nobody has created such a thing, just that they have not registered one.

Essentially, the peloric trait is recessive. As far as I'm aware, there aren't any Phrag lindenii hybrids that are reliably peloric.

There's really not a lot of difference between lindenii hybrids and wallisii hybrids, generally speaking, and it's tough to tell them apart if they aren't properly labeled. Please note that P. wallisii is not the current accepted name, though, and the species is now known as warscewiczianum.

I have a Phrag. pearcei v. equadorense x lindenii, registered as Phragmipedium Coon Creek. It's one of my most treasured plants. It is by far the smallest growing of my long petaled Phrag hybrids. The plant is not peloric, though. If I didn't have the label and I didn't purchase it from a reliable vendor, I would never know it was a lindenii hybrid. I suspect that's the case for all other lindenii hybrids at this time.

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