Brown spot on stem of Phrag Kovachii

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Aug 14, 2023
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Hi all, I have been growing this Kovachi for 4 months now, I have never grown a species (other than the common Longifolium XD), I am a bit worried about those brown spots.

Any advice?
Or am I worrying too much?

The roots are firm and still growing


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I've been looking for a long time now but I don't see any brown spots...🤔
The roots can't be that great because I can see a "drying out" on the leaves on the trunk. Other than that I don't notice anything else.
I inform you that my dear Kovachii has already died :( Today he woke up sensitive, with a weak trunk and I think rotten. It doesn't stand on its own, it doesn't smell bad, but the brown stain grew :(


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I can practically pull and remove the leaves, but I don't want to because I have little hope that it will come back. (I don't know if cinnamon will seal the wound and maybe a new sprout will grow [yes, I know it's almost impossible]) However, I want to know what the cause of death is, so that it does not happen again. My other Phargs are fine, but I don't know why it happened.
To me, it looks like Erwinia. Surprised you can’t smell it tho. Personally, I’d pull off the leaf and treat with cinnamon. I saved a besseae by doing this earlier this year. I also put a fan on the plant after I treated with cinnamon and made sure no water collected near the area for a few weeks. I mist in the morning for my pings but I avoided that plant for a while. Managed to recover it…
What leaves do I remove, those at the base (the oldest) or those at the crown (those that were growing)

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