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  1. Cach26

    Saving Rootless Phrags

    Hello everyone I have problems with 2 Phrags that were given to me, one is a Phrag Grande, another is a Phrag Cardinale, both were being grown in pure soil and when they were delivered to me they were in a bag waterlogged. I immediately transplanted them into my typical Phrags mix (50% Medium...
  2. Cach26

    Dry fungus growing on Phragmipedium Hanne Popow

    Compré este phrag de un cultivador que tenía un invernadero en la selva tropical, lo traje a mi casa de clima templado, su brote maduro más reciente murió de un hongo Primera FOTO (comenzó desde el rizoma hasta la punta de la hoja, de marrón, suave y maloliente). Luego a los 3 meses me salió un...
  3. Ernesto

    What is this brown blotching?

    Found on a brachy x multi hybrid two days ago. Immediately moved away from the rest of my plants. What is it? I sprayed it down with Physan 20 and hoping it doesn’t progress. I’m also considering spraying everything else down with the stuff as a precaution but wanted to get some opinions here...
  4. Ernesto

    Rust-colored spot on Phrag. Besseae leaf

    Today I noticed this rust-colored spot on one of my Phrag. besseae’s leaves. Two weeks ago I noticed smaller spots around the base of the plant, which I suspected to be some sort of rot due to being potted up too high with sphagnum moss. I took the moss out and put dragon’s blood on the...
  5. N

    What’s wrong with my delenatii leaf?

    I just got this seedling delenatii for a week now. I grow it in temperature between 21c (70f) at night and up fo 31c (89f) during the day. Humidity is between 30% at night and normally goes up to 60% sometimes 70-80% during the day. I also run a fan close to the orchid but not directly to it And...
  6. led_acid

    Orange dots and necrotic leaves

    Hello there! Which disease are those? I think i have two different ones in the same plant. Photos are from phalaenopsis https://ibb.co/ZWGJJ7b https://ibb.co/zrfL7gR https://ibb.co/mqyVBCv Thanks!!