Phragmipedium kovachii ‘Ewok’ AM/AOS

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Feb 1, 2019
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I was privileged to award my first kovachii as team captain in our monthly AOS judging today. The flower was at the perfect stage, flat and round with a deep rose to dark fuschia tones.

It came from a grower who loved this species and flowering it was a holy grail for him. And to get a high AM of 87 points was the icing on the cake.

Congrats to Andrew!!

Thanks all for the nice comments. Yes Andrew is over the moon!

Some interesting history of this plant. It is from the original Peruflora cross of legally collected kovachii parents ‘Maximus’ x ‘Goliath’. It came in flasks to the Americas and grew with several owners (perhaps OZ, Piping Rock or Chuck Acker’s), until it was procured by Faust, whose kovachii collection by purchased by the present owner. This was likely a period of time from circa 2006! A long journey indeed to the judging table.

I read on an old post here about the yellow edge of the pouch rim. The flower here has the yellow color since day 2, this being day 3.

I have also seen this yellow in other kovachiis (attaching photo from my Bogota orchid trip in September).


Another photo by Manny A. (AOS judge from Dallas) from the FCC from Medellin this past August also has this yellow: