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  1. Ernesto

    Phragmipedium seed germination

    I finally got my sterile technique down and recently sowed my first Phrag seeds from the following crosses on P668 and coconut water: (schlimii x manzurii) x self longifolium var. album x pearcei pearcei x longifolium var. album I have a few questions regarding germination. When can I...
  2. Ernesto

    Phragmipedium Saint Ouen var. flavum

    I’m really happy with this one’s shape—wide, flat petals. There’s a slight deformation of the pouch on its side that I’m hoping will correct itself on the next flower. The peachy color is really pleasant, too. 😌
  3. Ernesto

    Variegated or nutrient deficient?

    I bought this Phrag. Super Rubies from Ecuagenera this past spring as a three growth plant. Since then it’s produced three new growths, which started out green, but as growth has progressed stopped producing chlorophyll. The leaves appear to be continuously growing, though. What could be the...
  4. Ernesto

    Insect larvae and mite found in Phrag potting mix

    For scale, this is on a piece of 1/4 - 3/8 inch Orchiata bark and some small perlite pieces. Can anyone ID these? Are they harmful?
  5. Kate Boyce-Miles

    Phragmipedium warszewiczianum var. wallisii

    First time flowering of my Phragmipedium warszewiczianum var. wallisii! I have had this orchid for a few years now.
  6. Ernesto

    Phrag. Eumelia Arias setting bud?

    Is my Eumelia Arias putting out a bud? The growth emerging from the crown has some light striations on its sides and when viewed from the top, doesn’t look “creased” like new leaves do.
  7. Ernesto

    White fuzzy mold in media— Phrag. Fritz Schomburg

    I recently repotted this Fritz Schomburg in a mix of Orchiata bark, charcoal, and perlite. Noticed this mold taking hold at the surface and tried removing the fuzzy pieces, but it came back. How should I treat this, and is it harmful to the plant?
  8. Ernesto

    Phrag grown hydroponically in aquaria

    Since some Phrag species can be grown with wet feet, is it possible to take this a step further and grow them near the surface of an aquarium? I have a couple divisions from my Incan Treasure that fell off while I was trimming its roots that I was considering sticking into this breeder box and...
  9. Ernesto

    LED light recommendations for tall plants

    What LED light would you use for large slipper orchids to accommodate their large leaves or tall spikes? I’m growing my multiflorals and phrags very close to the lights at the moment, but I can see a situation in the future in which they’re too tall for their own good, not even counting their...
  10. Ernesto

    Rust-colored spot on Phrag. Besseae leaf

    Today I noticed this rust-colored spot on one of my Phrag. besseae’s leaves. Two weeks ago I noticed smaller spots around the base of the plant, which I suspected to be some sort of rot due to being potted up too high with sphagnum moss. I took the moss out and put dragon’s blood on the...
  11. Achamore

    Phrag Fliquet 4N

    Bought this some years back from Orchids Limited, reckon this is the best blooming I have had.
  12. Krister Lawlor

    Phrag air circulation?

    I got a small fan constantly blowing air to the side of my growing zone (windowsill), but it seems like it dries the plant too fast or the plant leaves are moving too much. Do I need the fan when I have a ceiling fan always running nearby? Is the drying out faster beneficial? What do you...
  13. Krister Lawlor

    Phragmipedium Pots

    I'm a watcher of Ed's Orchids and he uses "rose pots" for his phrags. I found these pots ( , but no matter where I find them, they only ship to the UK and nearby. I live in the states and want...