Cinnamon and Hydrogen Peroxide in Slipper Orchid Crown

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Aug 14, 2023
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Hello everyone, welcome to a new episode of Mythbusters XD

What do you think of the use of Cinnamon and Hydrogen Peroxide in the crowns of the Sneakers?

Cinnamon: I have heard it a lot for crown rot, but they also say that it is useful so that water does not settle on the crown when it is watered or it rains.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Some use it to kill pathogens in the crown, or to treat rot.

What do you think about all this, based on your experience?

In my case, I used cinnamon in a phrag to prevent rot, and the leaves came out wrinkled, I guess the cinnamon dried them out a little...
A large number of people that I know use cinnamon for rots and fungal problems. They all swear by it.

I have heard of people using it to coat fresh rhizome cuts during division. I have used it a few times. But timing is critical. It is effective as a preventative, IT IS NOT A CURE. Once crown rot is in a Paph. or a Phal., cinnamon won’t cure the problem as far as I understand.
It won’t keep water out of a crown.
Cinnamon is great against rot. Should be used when needed, e.g after cutting off a leaf with rot. Don’t apply it on the roots.

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